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Pests can become a serious problem for food handlers. Roaches like dark, warm, and moist places. Check for a strong oily smell and droppings that look like grains of black pepper. They also leave capsule-shaped egg cases. Rodents are also a serious health hazard. A building can be infested with both rats and mice at the same time. Look for droppings, signs of gnawing, tracks, nesting materials, and holes. Flies can carry Shigellosis and typhoid fever. Install air curtains on regularly used doors to help prevent flies from entering.

Pesticides are hazardous materials. You must have a corresponding SDS anytime they are used or stored on your premises. SDS stands for Safety Data Sheet. To minimize the hazard to people, have your PCO use pesticides when you are closed. This way your employees are not on site. Be sure to wash, rinse, and sanitize all food contact surfaces after pesticides are applied.


  1. Roaches make oily smells, droppings, and egg cases

  2. Rodents make gnawing marks and holes

  3. SDS stands for Safety Data Sheet