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Learn the 5 step cleaning & sanitizing process. 

1. Pre-scrape or remove food from the surfaces. Use the correct cleaning tool such as a nylon brush or pad, or a cloth towel. 
2. Wash surfaces. Prepare the cleaning solution with an approved detergent and hot water. Wash the surface with a clean cloth towel soaked in solution. 
3. Rinse the surface. Use clean water. 
4. Sanitize the surface. Use the correct sanitizing solution. Prepare the concentration per manufacturer requirements. Use a clean cloth only used for sanitizing. Make sure the entire surface has come in contact with the sanitizing solution. Usually the minimum time is 30 seconds. 
5. Air-dry everything. Avoid drying with a cloth.


  1. Remove food residue

  2. Wash surfaces

  3. Rinse surfaces

  4. Sanitize

  5. Air-dry