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When customers attempt to return their food, it can be difficult to know how to respond. Some customers may have serious issues with their food. Maybe it’s undercooked or a hair has been found. Other customers may simply dislike the taste of their dish.

Unless you have a crystal clear plan in place for returns, you will likely run into confusion and you risk annoying the customer even more. Decide on the protocol for each type of return so that your entire team knows how to respond.

For instance, if it’s a health and safety concern, offer a free drink or a free voucher for next time in addition to their replacement meal. Whatever system you decide upon, make sure you stick to it and you’ll never have to make up rules on the go.


  1. Customers sometimes return their food

  2. Prepare a plan for returned food and customer complaints before they happen

  3. Offer free drinks and vouchers to tide things over