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Self service areas require some unique sanitation practices. Never allow customers to re-use dishes/plates. Protect food in food bars and buffets with sneeze guards. Also make sure equipment can hold food at the proper temperature. 

Always remember to keep raw foods away from ready-to-eat or cooked foods. Label all food items to reduce time-temperature abuse and contamination. Keep hot food at 135°F or higher and cold food at 41°F or lower. Raw meat, fish, and poultry must be separate from ready-to-eat food Do not let customers refill soiled plates or use soiled utensils at self-service areas. Stock food displays with the correct utensils for dispensing food. 

Remember not to use ice as an ingredient if it was used to keep food or beverages cold When you label food in self service areas there are a few things to consider. Make sure the label is in plain view of the customer. Also Include the manufacturer or processor label provided with the food. Additionally as an alternative provide the information using a card, sign, or another labeling method.


  1. Do not allow customers to reuse dishes or plates

  2. Raw foods must be separate from ready to eat food

  3. Do not use ice as an ingredient if it was used to cool something