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Receive/deliver Hot TCS Foods 135°F or higher. Frozen Foods at 0°F or lower. Must be frozen solid with no fluid stains or large ice crystals. Shellfish must be received with shell stock identification tags. These tags indicate when and where the shellfish were harvested. 

They must be kept on file for 90 days from the date the last shellfish was used from its delivery container. Fish that will be eaten raw or partially cooked. Documentation must show the fish was correctly frozen before being received. 

Keep documents for 90 days from the sale of the fish.  Farm raised fish must have documentation stating the fish was raised to FDA standards. Keep documents for 90 days from the sale of the fish


  1. Hot foods must be recieved at 135°F or higher

  2. Frozen foods must be received at 0°F or lower

  3. Documentation of seafood must be kept for 90 days from the sale date of the fish