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Food Safety Education

How Behavior Influences Food Safety

Contamination is all around us and it is impossible to completely avoid. For this reason we must learn proper behavior and habbits. This allows us to minimize the chance of contaminating food. As a result we can prevent people from getting sick due to contaminated food. Washing hands is the most important preventative measure food handlers can take. 

  • Anybody can contaminate food
  • Hands touchingcontamination is common
  • Managers must model correct behavior
  1. Use hot water – 100F minimum
  2. Apply soap
  3. Scrub hands & arms for 15 SECONDS
  4. Rinse
  5. Dry with a single-use towel
  6. If needed use an FDA food additive approved hand antiseptic
  • Hand antiseptics do not replace handwashing
  • Allow hands to dry after applying antiseptic
  • Cover cuts and wounds properly
  • Gloves cannot replace handwashing
  • Wash hands before wearing gloves
  • Change gloves at least every 4 hours
  • Hygiene is critical for food safety
  • Everybody must bathe or shower before work
  • Restrain hair before handling food
  • Food handlers should not wear jewelry
  • However, a wedding band is allowed
  • Certain tasks should not be done while eating, drinking, smoking, or chewing.
  • Sick employees cannot work with food
  • If serving a high risk population sick employees must stay home 
  • They must be healthy for 24 hours before returning