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Viruses are the smallest of the microbial contaminants. A virus cannot reproduce in the food, but once consumed it will cause illness. Viruses are spread from person to person, person to food, and person to food contact surfaces. Practicing good personal hygiene and minimizing bare hand contact with ready-to-eat food can help defend against viral foodborne illnesses. 

Carried by human beings and animals. 
2) Require a living host to grow
3) Do not grow in food
4) Can be transferred through food and remain infectious in food 

Food, water, or any contaminated surface
2) Typically occur through fecal-oral routes

Virus are not destroyed by normal cooking temperatures
2) Good personal hygiene must be practiced when handling food and food-contact surfaces 3) Quick removal and cleanup of vomit is important


  1. Viruses are the smallest contaminants.

  2. They are usually transmitted through fecal-oral routes.

  3. Cooking does not destroy viruses