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Do not use empty food containers to store chemicals.  Also, never put food in empty chemical containers. Use FIFO (First In First Out) stock rotation. New deliveries must go in the back of storage not in the front. Store older items with earlier use by dates in front and use them first. 

Dry storage areas should be kept at the appropriate temperature, between 50F and 70F with a relative humidity of 50-70%. Items should be stored in original packaging. If removed from its original packaging, wrap in clean moisture-proof material, or place it in a clean sanitized container with a tight fitting lid. All packaging and containers should be labeled with the common name of the food, date prepared, date of expiration.

To prevent contamination, NEVER store food in these areas: Locker rooms or dressing rooms, restrooms or garbage rooms, mechanical rooms. Avoid storage located  under unshielded sewer lines, leaking water lines, or stairwells.


  1. Do not store food in or near chemical containers

  2. FIFO stands for First In First Out

  3. Never store food in an area where the ceiling drips or crumbles.