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ALERT stands for Assure. Look. Employees. Report. Threat.

First, make sure products received are from safe sources. Monitor the security of products in the facility. Next, know who is in your facility. Keep all information related to food defense accessible. Lastly, develop a plan for responding to suspicious activity and threats.

Responding to a Foodborne-Illness Outbreak

When an outbreak occurs you must follow protocol. First, notify your regulatory authority/health inspector. Train staff on food safety policies and procedures and isolate the suspected product. Remember you must document all information with a foodborne-illness incident report form. Afterwards, train your staff to use it. Always cooperate with authorities. Finally, review procedures and start training or re-training.


  1. Products must be recieved from safe sources

  2. Know who is in your facility

  3. Respond to problems quickly and follow procedure