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Planning & Preparation

Plan to Prepare for the Unexpected

At this point we’ve covered the major points of food safety. Now, lets learn some specific situations where things go wrong. You are bound to encounter these problems eventually. Therefor you should get prepared for them now!

  • Customers sometimes return their food
  • Prepare a plan for returned food and customer complaints before they happen
  • Offer free drinks and vouchers to tide things over
  • Customers who make reservations do not like to wait for their table
  • Keep one table available as a backup just in case
  • Try switching to a digital booking system
  • Fights between customers happen but they are rare
  • Separate the customers if possible
  • Call the police if necessary
  • Assess damage quickly after it occurs
  • You must close if the damage created an unsafe environment for customers or employees
  • Create a list of service companies you can call
  • Injuries are common in the workplace
  • Injuries are usually minor
  • Prepare for injuries before they happen
  • Prepare for bad situations before they happen
  • Some situations require the police or an ambulance
  • Ensure staff receives frequent health & safety training
  • Rude employees cause problems for customers and coworkers
  • Practice positive body language
  • Make sure at least one manager or supervisor is on site when customers are around
  • Customers don’t like it when staff can’t answer questions
  • Staff do not have to know the answer but they must be able to find the answer
  • You must have liability insurance to cover your legal fees