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Food Safety Regulation

Follow Regulation to Prevent Foodborne Illness Outbreaks

  • Each food type has different holding requirements
  • Cold food must be held at 41°F or lower
  • Hot food must be held at 135°F or higher
  • Check foor temperatures every 2 hours to allow time for corrective action
  • Hot food usually lasts for 4 hours before it must be discarded
  • Check with your local authority to verify this
  • The discard time must be labeled 4 hours after it is removed from temperature
  • Cold food lasts longer than hot food after being removed from temperature control
  • Always label food with a discard time
  • The discard time for cold foods is usually 6 hours
  • Glassware and dishes should be held at the base or from underneath
  • Nothing should be stacked when serving
  • Flatware and utensils should be stored handles-up and in the same direction in a drawer or storage container
  • Do not allow customers to reuse dishes or plates
  • Raw foods must be separate from ready to eat food
  • Do not use ice as an ingredient if it was used to cool something
  • Food served outside of the restaurant has some different requirements
  • Clean delivery vehicles frequently
  • Safe water access is mandatory at every location
  • Create a crisis-management team
  • Prepare for different types of crisis tailored to your operation
  • Test your plan and make sure it addresses – Preparation, Response and Recovery
  • Products must be recieved from safe sources
  • Know who is in your facility
  • Respond to problems quickly and follow procedure