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How Have You Handled Being Upset?

How have you handled being upset?

Another frequently asked question is about to tell me about a time when somebody made you upset in a professional environment? How did you handle it? What would you do differently today if in the same scenario? A lot of times, family members have very high expectations of us in our role as caregivers, so you may not have done something to their expectations. How are you going to handle this without getting upset, even though somebody might be yelling at you? Hopefully, nobody ever yells at you, but they might certainly speak with you and try to get answers to their questions. How do you manage your emotions during this situation? It’s really important that you stay calm, and just understand where the person is coming from. They have a loved one that you’re responsible for and they just want to make sure that everything goes right. So, you would just apologize and learn for the next time. Another situation in which somebody might get upset is a resident who has dementia. They ask the same questions over and over again. It can be frustrating sometimes, but we just have to remember that cognitively their brain is not intact, so we are there to support them to ensure their safety and well-being as well as their happiness. You must remain calm during these situations and help to change the subject so that the person remains calm, cool, collected, and happy.


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