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Structured Content with Real World Outcomes

With AllSum Academies, we don’t just show videos. We create a curriculum that culminates with a project that users can put on their resume and make a real difference in their career.

Influencers and Digital Marketing
Three-course series with a social media capstone. Students are required to build a large following and make quality content.
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Food and Hospitality
A series of lessons preparing users for a job in the hospitality sector, be it at a restaurant, hotel, or anywhere else.
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Caregiving and Healthcare
Teaches healthcare best practices, with an emphasis on communication, empathy, determination and other soft skills.
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Education and Childcare
Built for day care and schooling, this program applies developmental milestones to the soft skills workers need.
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A series of courses with live grading and advice

Core Courses

Students take three or four key courses central to their topic. These courses teach fundamental skills required for the job.

Elective Courses

We include relevant courses from our AllSumJobs Course Library, without needing to subscribe to the whole library.

Capstone Project

Students can receive weekly updates from live ASJ graders, providing useful feedback on a resume-building project.

Need to Enroll a Large Group?

Our enterprise packages allow schools, businesses, and workforce agencies enroll hundreds to thousands of users, with additional tools to track user engagement and progression through the courses. We provide analytic tools to visualize this progress in an easy to understand dashboard.