Our Mission

Education Needs to be Accessible

AllSumJobs was founded on three basic principles: bite sized, easy to digest content; on-demand tech based solutions; and critical pedagogy that makes no assumptions about the user other than their desire to learn something new.


By keeping our content short, we improve attention. Users often lose focus after three to five minutes of videos, especially when they are not inherently invested in the content. Plus, making content exciting and enjoyable can motivate users to continue a course.


Technology is a means to an end, and we never aim to create solutions to problems that never existed. Rather, we use new technology to solve common workforce problems, such as providing mobile-friendly options to improve accessibility for those who otherwise fall through the cracks.


We make no assumptions about our users, as users come with their own life experiences and attitudes towards their own training. It’s our job to use that experience to improve their experience, ask questions, and participate– despite the notoriously difficult nature of e-learning.

Although we’re just getting started, we have high expectations for our products, be it our course library, our content machine or our data resources. We hope that these tools can enable users and their institutions to master their industries.