What AllSumJobs has to offer

Course Library

The AllSumJobs basic subscription grants users access to thousands of short training videos for all occupations, including soft skills training materials for the workplace, mock interview practice materials, career advice, and tips from HR and industry professionals.

AllSum Academies™

For an additional price, users and institutions can enroll in a series of courses that fit a specific industry, such as hospitality or healthcare. These programs include multiple core courses with assignments and assessments, plus a capstone project designed to give users something to put on their resume.

Content Machine

Designed for businesses, schools and workforce agencies, the AllSumJobs Content Machine provides useful infographics, social media posts, supplemental footage, and more, for use by licensed clients and partners. Updated frequently, these assets are meant to help institutions maintain an online presence both to promote their users’ learning as well as improve their marketing.

Data Dashboard

For institutions, AllSumJobs can provide a data dashboard with up-to-date career analytics. Track user progress and growth through the program, or research analytics on the current job market with data mined from various sources. With data on over a thousand industries and hundreds of thousands of job posts, the data dashboard can help clients make informed decisions for their users.

Career Calculator

Using a sophisticated recommendation system, the Career Calculator can take user information and input to help determine what industry to go into and where they can work to get the most out of their paycheck. With data on salary, price of living, and more, the calculator can give feedback for both users and advisors as to what their next step is.