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Most frequent questions and answers

Subscriptions and Pricing

We have four different subscriptions, if you include the free account anyone can sign up for.  Free accounts get access to some social features and free sample lessons in the library. Basic accounts, on the other hand, get access to all ASJ original content plus any partners who opt-in to share their content with basic subscriptions.

The premium plan adds on content machine, which is an repertoire of useful infographics, social media posts, footage, and interview and resume docs. The pro plan gets access to our data dashboard and a monthly industry report.

Of course, nobody is locked into a subscription for longer than a month. If you finish all the content on AllSumJobs in that time, more power to you!  That said, new content is released every month as well as some older content gets revisited and updated with more features, on occasion.

On a related note, you can also delete your account and payment information, etc., at anytime as well. While we already have a policy not to sell your information to third parties, we understand if users do not want to keep their information online.

Yes!  AllSumJobs is founded on a B2B model– that is, we prefer to work with businesses rather than individuals. As a result, we often offer steep discounts for bulk orders, and can also provide user tracking, group administration, logo embedding, and other perks to institutions that order enough seats.

Be sure to also check our production and data services, as these are especially oriented towards institutions. Sometimes a course your institution is NOT on AllSumJobs, so we would be more than happy to help produce that course for you, granting either exclusive access or, for a large discount, open-access to the course for all ASJ subscribers.

It better be! We run our security through an experienced third party, while also hosting our database with AWS. Suffice to say, if you trust your information with Amazon, you can more or less trust us with that information as well.

Furthermore, we also do not sell your information to third parties.

We do offer discounts to partners and institutions that order in bulk, however there are no discounts to individual users at this point. But, if we do any collaborations with another training or education site, this might change in the future.

Sorry, that’s not a question. That said, the price is low relative to many competitors. For content similar to ours, you often see prices in the hundreds.

If you’re not convinced, though, we can also offer a free trial if needed. We also are working on providing content to those unable to pay, but at present time, that is difficult to measure on our end. (Plus, development costs money!)

Content Library

Our content library is an on-demand archive of courses, produced primarily by AllSumJobs and its partners. Most courses are only thirty to sixty minutes, but some may go for a few hours depending on content.

Most courses contain video and some courses contain ungraded assessments. Much of the course library is provided to all subscriptions, with the exception of AllSum Academies™.

As of the start of 2022, we host around three dozen courses ourselves, with a few from contributors. This is admittedly a fairly small library, so we offer a cheap price for library-only subscribers. Keep in mind, AllSumJobs also handles production and data analysis, so these other tasks sometimes take precedent.

While AllSumJobs is still growing, we invite contributors to add their content as well. Between four new instructors and AllSumJobs current in-production videos, the courses should double within a few months. We also take requests for new content, which is something other sites are unable to do.

Yes and no. We can provide evidence of completion, especially for courses that have assessments that can be graded. However, there are no formal certification for the type of videos we provide, as much of it is soft skill based and difficult to measure.

Going into 2022, we have looked into getting the AllSum Academies™ an official certificate program, with some success. See below for more information.

Our courses are not difficult, as we specialize in approachable content. Some content might actually be deemed too easy, as it is sometimes scaled to complete newcomers to a given industry. For instance, not everyone will benefit from a course on how to interact in the lunch room, but those new to the U.S. might!

We also do not have many graded assessments in our library. We add grading to specialized courses only when requested by an institution with enough users to benefit from their own coursework. In this regard, we can make content as difficult or easy as they request, since we keep trained assessment writers on contract.

Courses are often short, but this is an over generalization. A course on AllSumJobs can be anywhere from two lessons to twenty, and it all depends on the subject matter. If users are simply practicing soft skills, it usually does not take many lessons to get them ready and out practicing.

On the other hand, some courses can include many more lessons if teaching something more substantive, especially the AllSum Academies™ content which delves into hard skills. To teach software, for instance, it usually takes its own course, with several lessons to account for different use cases.

AllSum Academies™

Sometimes users need more than one-shot courses to learn a skill or two. Focusing on five industries: influencer marketing, hospitality, healthcare, education, and design, these academies are a series of lengthy courses designed to take the place of a more detailed curriculum.

Put another way, you can think of these as academic programs where you have core courses, electives, and a capstone. All this means the AllSum Academies™ costs higher premium than standard courses and requires their own subscription.

Yes, but unlike most AllSumJobs content, the capstone projects and some of the individual courses are manned by an actual instructor who can read and provide feedback on assignments. There are also a lot more assignments and activities in these courses, making them more involved than standard courses.

In qualifying as a credential program, some academies may also outsource to a third party in your area to fulfill some in-person requirements, such as CPR for a childcare program or on-the-job hours for healthcare.

Aside from knowledge, these courses are designed to provide something tangible for its users. This may be a credential, but it can also be something else in industries that lack a meaningful credential.

For instance, the influencer marketing program includes a capstone that monitors and grades users on their social media progress. By rating and improving their following, users walk away with a large following and content on their profile that can show employers they know what they’re doing.

Of course, and we offer bulk discounts. Since these have a strict instructor-to-seat ratio, we need to negotiate such deals in advance as we may need to hire more graders.

Please contact us if you’re interested in enrolling a large number of users at once to any given academy, and we can find a way to accommodate your request.

Depends on the industry, but these courses are generally longer than a standard AllSumJobs course and there are often three or more in a series. Suffice to say, expect anywhere from 10 hours to 40 hours in a given program.

This includes the capstone, which may take a fair amount of time depending on the user. Furthermore, if there is an in-person requirement that is outsourced to a local organization (e.g. CPR), this may have its own hourly requirements.

Content Machine

Designed primarily for institutions, we have a selection of infographics, social media posts, footage, and resume and interview documents. The general idea is that a busy institution may struggle to keep their social media up to date, or need more questions for their interviews, and so-on, so we provide solutions to this problem.

Currently these assets are housed on the AllSumJobs shop page, but subscribers to the advanced plans of the site gain access to these features for free. Since content is regularly released, we encourage users to take advantage of their subscription and download new assets whenever they are released.

The infographics are generally meant to be shared in social media posts and on an institution’s website. They can also be provided as handouts in a lesson or a visual in a PowerPoint or assessment.

As for the content matter, this varies greatly from infographic to infographic. We suggest browsing the shop page, as any level of subscription can view all preview images there. If anything stands out but you don’t want to subscribe, feel free to buy it direct.

All our social media posts are educational and follow best practices, such as the inclusion of vivid imagery. Even Twitter posts benefit from an image, so most of our posts are visual. We also provide some content to be curated, as well.

We offer a variety from b-roll footage to some short promotional clips. Anything that we happen to have created that we deem useful for other organizations, we share here on our Content Machine.

Two types: Interview Question Bank, and Resume Templates. The question bank is perhaps more important for institutions and HR personnel, as you can use this to flesh out your interviews. It can also be useful to prepare interviewers for a job, although we recommend our courses for that.

The resume templates are simply HR-designed templates that are professionally thought out and organized. Since resume trends tend to change with the times, we update ours regularly.

Updates generally occur monthly, and sometimes sooner if there is a production order with material we don’t use or if there is a specific request. We also allow partners to add their own material to the machine for a large commission, so their updates may be different.

Data Dashboard and Career Calculator

Our data dashboard, which is near the end of it’s development, is an on-demand tool for power users and institutions that shows an array of useful statistics based on government data, data mined data, and original data. This data is across time and allows users to look for historical trends in their industry, as well as compare industries and their demands.

We use three sources currently, and more are on the way. First, we have government data from BLS and O*Net, as well as Census. This provides industry data rated by experts and location statistics on unemployment and salary.

Second, we obtain job post data by scowering the internet for job posts, quantifying their attributes, and providing what we find. This is done across time as well, and is meant to triangulate with other sources. For a simplified example, if we wanted to know the demand for Java in the past year, we can track that through job posts mentioning Java.

Lastly, we have original data based on anonymous user data from our site. This data is decontextualized, as user anonymity is paramount. The only time user data is used without de-identifiers is when institutions examine their own bulk subscriptions, and only to track user progress.

Adapted from an older web app we made for a previous company, we have created a tool users can use to find an array of useful analytics to help guide their career choices. For instance, salary versus cost-of-living expenses, or quality of life in a given location, and so-on.

In development now is an expansion to this, which includes a recommendation algorithm that provides users similar jobs to what they current have, or jobs that better suit their skill set or interests. This job recommendation system is based on the O*Net database and provides top-tier predictions.

We also provide industry reports monthly to pro subscribers, and can also tailor a report to a specific client as a production service. Those interested should check our services page for more information, or request a consultation with one of our data professionals.

We hope that helps!

If you have any other questions, please follow-up by contacting us at, or fill out the contact form on our contact us page.