Media Production

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Images, Videos, and More

Our approach to e-learning is a media-focused one. We try to include videos with all of our AllSumJobs original courses, and we encourage contributors to, too. Now we offer that to clients, too!

A Simple Timeline, Pre-Production to Post


AllSumJobs offers a free consultation, and while we work on your project, you get two reviews on the content before it goes to filming. Add additional curriculum development to this step to ensure adding assessments to the lesson is coherent.


Depending on your needs, we can either film in-house, send a film crew, or simply assist you in filming yourself. Regardless of your choices, we have an array of options to make this production interesting and engaging for your audience.


A service that deserves it's own page, we offer a slew of editing options to improve a videos quality, even if shot from something as simple as a phone. Ranging from quality assurance, special effects, b-roll, subtitles, and more, we can make a course pop.

Many Services, Pick and Choose

Every job is different, and that makes pricing difficult for production crews like ours. We try to make this simple by providing a quote form that clients can submit to streamline this process. Include options from pre-production to post-production, and leave out what you don’t need. We custom order for everyone.