Data Dashboard

Learn More about the AllSumJobs Industry Dashboard

On-Demand Industry Statistics

Understand your industry better with statistics demonstrating the importance of various hard and soft skills, education, training and more. We analyzed job posts and put the trends in one place!

Find In-Demand Skills

With a mix of job post data, government data, and our own data, we provide statistics and visuals to help understand which skills are in demand. Is the software you’re teaching still current?  With the data dashboard, it’s easy to find out with just a few clicks.

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See Where It All Happens

With geographic data, we can show where all the job posts are coming from. We can even show how the posts differ, including the skills required, years of experience, average education, average salary, and unemployment within a given area.

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Our data dashboard will be included free with all enterprise subscriptions, with the added bonus of being able to track user statistics right here on AllSumJobs. Individual users can also pay extra for access to the dashboard, just subscribe to the Pro subscription when given the option!