Curriculum Development

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Experienced Educators Ready to Write Anything

As long as a client has the subject matter, our curriculum experts can turn knowledge into lessons. Organize content, add assessments, and create activities, all at a low service cost.

Reach Every Student

With decades of experience on staff, AllSumJobs employs a diverse array of forward-thinking, tech savvy educators. The difference between a standard, speak-to-the-camera online lesson and an interactive, engaging experience, can be the difference between a passing student and a failing one. Or, go offline with engaging in-person activities written exclusively for your organization.

Digitize Your Content

Our most basic curriculum plan involves taking your written content, making it a digital format, and optionally hosting it on AllSumJobs with your choice of access options. With a price per lesson, any in-person material can be made digital with just a little help.


Assessments and assignments provide two things to a course: accountability and interactivity. AllSumJobs can write quizzes, exams, activities, and homework assignments based on your material. In accordance with best practices, we can even pilot test assessments objectively before going live.

Online Interaction

Sometimes to encourage interaction in an e-learning format, you get creative. That’s why AllSumJobs offers a multitude of options for including students in online education, be it at-home practice activities, activities in an online space, or AR/VR implementation.

Looking to Add Video?

The first service AllSumJobs ever offered was video production for our clients. With our own camera crew, network of actors, and editors, we can produce work for clients to their specifications; or, as a minimum, provide consultation and support for those looking to film themselves at home. Check our our production and post-production pages for more information!