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Talking About Compensation

How do you talk about compensation?

Compensation is an important topic, meaning what are you getting paid for hours for your job. An awesome time to ask for this is when you’re getting a call from the HR Recruiter. It’s important to know during the pre-screening process if this is a process that I would like to continue with. Before you come into the interview, knowing how much the job is going to offer will help you to make a decision if you’d like to move forward. If they’re not able to provide you with that information at that time, you can always ask for a range for the salary and that will help you get an idea if you would like to schedule the interview. At the interview, it’s also a great time to ask the direct supervisor or your potential future supervisor about how much you will get paid for this job. And are there any benefits that are being offered? Benefits can come in the form of a bonus. Benefits can also include 401k or it can include health and dental and vision. So it’s good to know all of this information upfront. Typically, wages are pretty stable for the first year and after the first year is a great time for you to ask for a raise


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