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Introduction to Influencer Marketing


So you’ve decided to become an influencer. Now what?  There is a lot more than just putting on a show and collecting a paycheck from Google. Maybe someday after hundreds of adoring fans flock to your channel. But not yet. Influencing is hard work.

Many influencers have editing staff and writers working together. It can be similar to TV and movie production in that sense. Unlike TV and movies, pay is more directly controlled by viewership. While it’s true you can’t get canceled in the traditional sense, you can certainly lose a following or get banned.

There is a lot of volatility in influencer marketing, so you need to bring your marketing A-Game. Luckily for us this field is a lot more open than traditional forms of media. This means a person can make it from scratch with the right type of exposure.


  1. Influencing can be hard work 

  2. Many influencers have a team 

  3. Anybody can become an influencer from scratch