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Welcome to AllSumJob's Course learning guidance

AllSumJobs have built a course library and collection of supplemental materials designed to support job readiness. These courses are used by a variety of school, government, and enterprise clients. AllSumJobs includes both general and specialized courses, with our new AllSum Academies specializing in influencer marketing, hospitality, healthcare, and children.

What do we included

Soft Skills

Soft Skills become one of the most important elements that companies are looking for in the process of recruitment and working. AllSumJobs provide various type of courses for various groups of people including employee and employer to increase the company’s efficiency. Also, provide soft skill training for the individual for their self-development. Below are some basic steps and courses that you may take at the beginning.

Interview Q&A

Now you are ready and ability to use the soft skill that you just learned in your job position. So let’s learn how to engage and prepare for your interview. AllSumJobs included interview Q&A for multiple positions including marketing, project manager, etc. Below, we separated our video based on the job position and you can directly access the course by clicking the link below. Check to see and practice the job interview for your career.


Now Congratulation to join your desired job position. You are now working toward your goal in the field. Now there are on-boarding information and knowledge that you would like to know more about to make your working process more fluent. These included lots of information regarding how you work in the office and tips for your job position. Please click below for more courses and click the name of the course to access.


After working in an office and learning lots of experiences, do you still want to earn more knowledge and improve yourself? Self-development is also considered as one of the important sections at AllSumJobs and we are here to provide here. Below are several videos for you to successfully apply and develop yourself in grade school. Check the link below to access the course.

Congratulations on finishing all these courses and having full knowledge related to your career field and knowledge! AllSumJobs provide different aspects of services and products for you for a variety of purpose. Click below to access other products and services that we have!

Product & Service Overview

Home Page
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Course Library
Learn and practice your soft skills using our short-form videos and interactive assignments
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AllSum Academies
AllSumJobs create a curriculum that culminate with a projects that users can put on their resume and make a real difference in their career.
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Content Machine
Content Machine included a constant source for downloadable infographics, stock social media posts, stock promotional footage, and more.
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Data Dashboard
Understand your industry better with statistics demonstrating the importance of various hard and soft skills, education, training and more
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Career Calculator
With information on cost of living, salaries, job requirements and values, we provide meaningful suggestions.
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