Lesson 1, Topic 1
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Overview of Topics


This first lesson is all about what it takes to be an influencer. You need to know how they get paid, how they build a channel, and the basics of content building.

We also include a helpful little workshop to help you brainstorm what sets your brand apart!

Topics include:

  1. Definition of an Influencer. What is an influencer, and what is not? 
  2. Building Revenue. How do influencers make money? 
  3. Career Path to Influencer. How do you make it into a career? 
  4. Identifying You and Your Channel. How do you stand apart from others? 
  5. Steps to Casting. Some basics on casting, the method of making content. 
  6. Set the Theme. Choosing a theme and audience for your content. 
  7. Scripting. Basics on scripting your content. 
  8. Relating to Brand. How to stay “on-brand” with your content. 
  9. Useful Tools. Some basic tools you may want to get familiar with.