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A hand-picked assortment of courses, assignments, and activities with a focus on improving turn-over and reducing elder abuse within the senior care industry. By improving soft skills, such as empathy and communication, this course is an excellent supplement to any on-boarding process.

To complete this course, enrollees must complete three (3) core courses and one (1) capstone project. Enrollees will automatically be enrolled in supplemental courses, which are optional unless assigned by a group administrator.

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The Caregiving Sequence

Complete the Following Courses to Earn a Certificate of Completion

Introduction to The Senior Caregiving Industry
As the introduction to our sequence, this course introduces users to the aging industry: what it means to work as a caregiver for the elderly, what the workplace looks like, and the type of services offered. This course is meant to help users understand what they’re getting into when joining the industry and whether working as a caregiver is right for them.
ADLs: Activities of Daily Living
Caregivers are responsible for much more than healthcare, they need to provide the elderly what is necessary to live a healthy and fulfilling life. This course explores ADLs, or Activities of Daily Living, which caregivers are responsible. These include activities like transportation, bathing and showering, and more, and how these activities are assessed within the industry.
Professional Caregiving Skills
While anyone can train to become a caregiver, there are a lot of additional soft skills a caregiver should develop if they want to excel at their job. This course goes over how to become an efficient caregiver for the elderly, including building communication, empathy, demeanor, reliability, and more. We provide examples of how these skills play out within the workplace and why they are so important.
Dementia Training
A common problem many senior caregivers face is dementia in their patience. Dementia impacts a persons memory, but it can also lead to a variety of other problems, both subtle and not, that can impact their patient’s life for the worse. Learn how to identify these symptoms, how to address moderate to severe dementia, and the importance of dementia care training.
Personal and Professional Development
Finishing this sequence does not mean you’re done being the ideal caregiver. Personal development is essential to maintaining and building your skills for months and years to come. Learn how to build a personal development plan and set goals for yourself as you pursue a career in the aging industry. You can do this!
Capstone: Mock Interview
AllSumJobs HR experts review a users resume and host a one-on-one mock interview to test users skills. We ask hard-hitting questions about their experience and offer suggestions for improvements when they head to the industry. This capstone is recommended for enrollees without current employment at a senior care facility.

Supplemental Courses

Included with Subscription to Help Build Skills

Senior Caregiving Interview and Onboarding Prep

We sat down with Miki Lamm to discuss what to expect during an interview for a senior caregiving position. She provides helpful advice for new and experienced caregivers, including important scenarios that may arise during your interview. A must see for anyone preparing for an interview!

USC Gerontology Professor Advice

George Shannon’s professional advice course in the senior care industry provides a comprehensive and practical understanding of basic senior care, effective communication, essential soft skills, and various career paths. This invaluable resource equips learners with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the rewarding field of senior care.

Interview Advice from HR Professionals

AllSumJobs interviewed two HR professionals for their advice for all job seekers. Andrew Ko is known for his book on LinkedIn and specializes in networking. Angela Efros complements his experience with her own, specialized in communication and recruiting.

+ many additional Courses from the AllSumJobs Course Library!