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Along with a mix of media production and marketing skills, our academies come with an emphasis on soft skills. Build relations with customers and improve your public speaking skills. By improving soft skills, such as communication and creativity, this program gets individuals started with a career as a creator and marketer.

To complete this course, enrollees must complete three (3) core courses and one (1) capstone project. Enrollees will automatically be enrolled in supplemental courses, which are optional unless assigned by a group administrator.

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The Influencer Sequence

Complete the Following Courses to Earn a Certificate of Completion

Influencer Marketing 101
This course provides a definition for influencer, which includes career expectations, basic skills, and marketing requirements. This survey course helps orient students towards this program, leveling expectations and preparing would-be influencers for a harsh market.
Media Production
Covers all media production, including photography, video, writing, and performing. Includes details on the type of software and hardware required for the job, and introduces some important concepts for improving quality and producing work on a regular basis.
Social Media Marketing
Introduces important marketing terms and concepts from the lens of a self-promoting influencer. These skills include marketing best practices that can be used both for your own career as well as a professional career in digital marketing.
Data-Driven Marketing
This elective course is a continuation of the core marketing course to expand upon the data analytics side of marketing. This additional emphasis gets further into predictive models and includes a tutorial on preparing a detailed A/B test.
Trends in Social Media
This elective course, which is updated regularly, is a way to inform students on new trends in social media, both from the cultural standpoint as well as the marketing one. Understand what is current from industry professionals that track the ups and downs of pop culture trends. This course is repeatable.
Copyright, Licensing, and Intellectual Property
This elective course is an expansion of the media production core course, providing additional information on copyrighting your personal intellectual property. Most influencer work is copyrighted by default, but if you are building a brand and want to ensure no one copies your work without credit, this course is for you.
Social Media Presence

Throughout the Influencer Academy program, users enrolled in the capstone are expected to provide weekly updates on their social media progress. Build an account with at least ten thousand followers within a few months by following our course lessons and applying that knowledge towards self-promotion.

Users will walk away with an account they can claim as their own and use towards their future employment as evidence of successful social media marketing.

Supplemental Courses

Included with Subscription to Help Build Skills

Digital Marketing Interview Q&A

We provide a list of potential digital marketing interview questions, both behavioral and technical. These questions are meant for those willing to apply their newfound marketing skills to a career in marketing, regardless of whether or not they become successful influencers.

Essential Soft Skills - Presentation

We provide multiple scenarios to practice both at home and in public to grow more comfortable speaking to large audiences. With an emphasis on conversational-style presentations, this course aims to improve fluency and warmth in your presentation style.

Interview Advice from HR Professionals

AllSumJobs interviewed two HR professionals for their advice for all job seekers. Andrew Ko is known for his book on LinkedIn and specializes in networking. Angela Efros complements his experience with her own, specialized in communication and recruiting.

+ many additional Courses from the AllSumJobs Course Library!