Learn More About our Post-Production Services

Modern Effects of Modern Courses

Employing tactics from social media, AllSumJobs tries to do something many other e-learning options don’t: make entertaining educational content. We offer the same to our clients.

Standard Editing Included

Our most basic plans offer sound and lighting adjustments. Edits are never a perfect solution to poorly shot video, but we can at least make the most of what content you may provide. This is essential for any online footage, as its easy to lose your audience if the sound is poorly adjusted and the lighting is too dark, bright or discolored. Offered standard with all other post-production packages, and on its own for a low price.

Transitions and B-Roll

A step-up from standard lecture material, adding animated transitions and b-roll to a video can bring it to the next level of impact. It might not seem like much, but by breaking up a long lecture with bits illustrating a topic, you can improve attention and retention while also adding at least a little enjoyment, too.

Next Level Editing

Many of our editors are former influencers and know how to make a trendy video, such as the likes seen on TikTok or YouTube. Cutting things into short clips, adding music, speeding things up or adding emojis– if a client wants something similar to what they’ve seen on social media, we can do it. We’re not afraid to go the extra mile to make e-learning enjoyable for a new generation of learners. 

Don't have any video?

Not a problem! With our own production crew, we can make your content into a video. Just add  it to your quote and select all the services you’d need, from direct-to-camera lecture material, actor-lead skits, demonstration videos, and more. You can toggle pre-production and post-production options, too.