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Our AllSumJobs subscription provides students with thousands of videos worth of interview and resume prep, career development advice, and soft skills development. With a growing roster of instructors, the ASJ subscription is a great supplement to any workforce program!

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While the course library is useful for basic job advice, the AllSum Academies are dedicated to a specific career, with core courses, quizzes and assessments, and even a capstone project with a dedicated mentor and grader. Buy courses individually or purchase a subscription to gain access to the whole sequence!

Current Offerings


Designed for young adults and teens looking to build their social media presence, all while also learning visual design and marketing basics often used in the industry. The capstone even applies these fundamentals to an online profile so students can practice what they learn in a productive and entertaining way.


Designed for those looking to start or work in restaurants, hotels and more, the Hospitality sequence teaches food safety, business management, and important soft skills in the industry. The industry has a capstone that requires students to plan out their own institution and present on camera their pitch. 


With a focus on senior care giving, our healthcare sequence teaches students how to care for the elderly in a senior care center or home care. Even if not getting into the industry, students can use these skills to take care of their own loved ones as they enter their golden years.


Currently under development, the childcare course is designed to teach students how to care for students from birth all the way to adulthood. With a focus on starting your own childcare center or daycare, the course includes some information on the paperwork and legality involved in caring for other people’s children.


What's included in the AllSumJobs enterprise plan?

Whether you’re small or large, we have something for all organizations. You can pick and choose which features you want and we can create a competitive quote.

Course Library

Our course library is growing exponentially as we add new instructors and organizational materials weekly. We offer an unbeatable commission on our materials as we aim to grow and compete in a competitive instructional materials market.

Production Services

Our team is a healthy mix of media production specialists and educators, so we know a thing or two about constructing an effective course out of base materials. If you have something you want digitized, or even just some expertise you'd like taught to your users, we can make it for you. And the best part? If you share it with the rest of AllSumJobs, your organization can even make a commission on your materials!

Social Forum

We're not trying to replace social media, but our internal network allows users to communicate with one another as well as instructors and their organizational admins. Mentorship is essential to growth, and we prioritize that!

Progress Tracking

We track user progress to ensure all materials assigned to a user by their organization is viewed in-full. We even have professional assessment developers on staff to ensure content is not only viewed, but mastered.

Marketing Assistance

We can support your outreach efforts by assisting or even taking over your social media platforms. We can guarantee growth on all your platforms using an established marketing strategy employed by most major brands.

AllSumJobs Production

Top-to-bottom Course Creation

Got your own content you want to make digital? We can work with you directly, from the very start of building a curriculm to the very end of post-production editing. Even if you don’t host the content with us, we can produce your work– just ask for a quote!

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