Improving Your Online Interview

A short course on the Dos and Don'ts of online interviews. These tips will really give you an edge up next time you have a remote interview!

Welcome to our course on the online interview!

Since 2020, many businesses have gone remote either full-time or part-time. This means that potential employees, like yourself, may need to be ready for an online interview. According to theĀ stats, These interviews have been conducted for decades now and have evolved steadily with the advent of new technology. This course is all about improving on this technology and bringing your online interviews to the point that they exceed in-person interviews!

The lessons include…

  1. Hardware Investment – It’s cheaper than you think! With a few pieces of gear, you can go from some poorly-lit phone goblin to a movie-star-like hero of interviewing.
  2. Dressing Up – You have to look professional. We offer some tips for how to dress appropriately, especially since it can be a little hard to find the middle ground between total formality, and flip-flops.
  3. Background Enhancement – While you can always use a fake background, there’s something charming about showing your actual background and demonstrating how neat and talented you are!
  4. Engagement – Unlike in-person interviews, finding ways to engage with your interviewer can be tricky. We offer some suggestions to keep their attention.
  5. Interview Etiquette – What, just because you don’t technically need pants during the interview, there’s no etiquette? Professionals expect some things from candidates, don’t be stuck out of the loop!

With our advice, you should be able to one-up your current online interview setup. At the end of the course, we may also be able to keep an up-to-date product list of what may be useful on your journey towards sweet online success!

If you are interested in interview tips, check out our lessons on interview guides for the major companies (Google, Microsoft, etc.)

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