The Childcare Curriculum


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Our courses, assignments, and activities focus on improving employee retention and educational best practices, both for employees and management itself. By improving soft skills, such as empathy and communication, this program is an excellent supplement to any on-boarding process.

To complete this course, enrollees must complete three (3) core courses, (2) electives, and one (1) capstone project. Enrollees will automatically be enrolled in supplemental courses, which are optional unless assigned by a group administrator.

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The Childcare Sequence

Complete the Following Courses to Earn a Certificate of Completion

Basics of Childcare
A course that covers the industry standards within childcare and K-12 schooling. Covers basics in the rules and regulations, industry standards, how to manage with authority a large group of children, dealing with troublemakers, and dealing with parents.
Developmental Milestones - Children
Choose one of the Milestone Courses to fulfill the developmental requirement for our program. This course covers the developmental milestones of children from birth to late childhood, pre-puberty. Since children grow both physically and mentally, these milestones are important for adjusting instruction to suit their developmental needs. This course is oriented to those entering childcare professions that emphasize early childhood education.
Developmental Milestones - Adolescents
Choose one of the Milestone Courses to fulfill the developmental requirement for our program. This course covers the developmental milestones of adolescents, starting at puberty and ending in young adulthood. Since adolescents are going through some fundamental changes, both physically and mentally, this course is designed to help you understand those changes and adapt to the challenges. This course is oriented to those instructing teenagers, such as afterschool programs.
Educational Best Practices
Based in modern K-12 pedagogy, this course teaches both teachers, caregivers, daycare professionals and more, the best practices within contemporary education. This includes constructivist approaches that better meet the needs of an increasingly diverse population. Ultimately, lessons should be fun, engaging, insightful and helpful for all students, not just those from privileged backgrounds.
Daycare Specifics
This course focuses on what it takes to run an active daycare, even out of one’s own home. With guidelines based on different states, this course will go over the legal requirements as well as the practical ones. This course also includes important soft skills development for better managing a daycare, such as interpersonal skills and management skills.
After-School Specifics
This course focuses on running or being employed by an afterschool service. This includes official school-run programs, non-profit programs, volunteer organizations, religious organizations, and more. With a mix of both official guideline information from state governments and information on the educational best practices, this course prepares after school instructors how to best instruct and coach young minds.
Capstone: Lesson Plan
This capstone allows students to develop their own lesson plan with a focus on an age group of their choice. The lesson plan should incorporate concepts from the different courses in the program and require weekly check-ins with a grader as this lesson plan is developed.

Students are required to present and practice their activities and instruction with our trained mentors on a weekly basis. Passing this capstone requires a complete lesson demonstration.

Supplemental Courses

Included with Subscription to Help Build Skills

Managing Conflict and Stress at Work
A course focused on building soft skills of resilience and patience, important in a variety of careers including childcare. How can you manage a room full of children if you can’t keep your cool?
Conversations for Teachers Handling Students
With a variety of scenarios to watch and learn from, this course provides examples in which teachers interact with students. Best for those new to the American education system and want to see it in action.
Resume Building Tips from HR Professionals

AllSumJobs interviewed two HR professionals for their advice for all job seekers. Andrew Ko is known for his book on LinkedIn and specializes in networking. Angela Efros complements his experience with her own, specialized in communication and recruiting.

+ Many additional courses from the AllSumJobs course library!