As we know, workplace conflict has been a long-term problem for many people. In 2019, AllSumJobs interviewed two experts in the field of recruiting and human resources as part of our Professional Tips series. These experts are Angela Efros, Vice President of Business Development and Sales at HG Plus Consulting; and Andrew Ko, Senior Partner, and recruiter at the Lucas Group. We’ve repackaged these interviews into a series of courses to help you build your resume, master your interview, and resolve any workplace conflicts or bullying in the office.

This is the third of these three courses, centered around workplace bullying. Given the topic, we’ve also included some workforce videos we created in 2019 about workplace bullying. Our course about how to deal with conflicts in the office is also helpful. We’ve done our best to intertwine these short videos in between segments from our experts, especially given they helped us write this content. Bullying is an important topic regardless of where it happens, so it’s essential that people know how to recognize and deal with these problems as they arise.

Lessons include…

  1. Avoiding workplace bullying. Before speaking to the experts, we lay out some basic processes for recognizing and reporting bullying in your workplace.
  2. How to handle rejection. Sometimes bosses or coworkers will overly critique a person, which may not always be bullying but none the less, it is important to be able to handle rejection and criticism with grace and dignity.
  3. Solving workplace conflict. We talk about conflicts within the workplace, which may or may not involve you. How do you mediate these situations? Our experts chime in and we go over some processes.
  4. Changing career. We ultimately conclude this course with advice from our experts on how to change career, especially since it may be the only way to really be happy with your work life.

If you’re still unsure about how to handle these scenarios, a good complement is our workplace scenario videos that demonstrate best practices in the workplace!

About the Experts:

Angela Efros

Bilingual in Mandarin Chinese and English, Angela specializes in communication and problem-solving. Currently the Vice President of Business Development and Sales at HG Plus Consulting, she is an expert in recruiting candidates for marketing, sales, business development, accounting, and more. With experience both in the US and in China, Angela is confident in her ability to find and recruit budding talent across many disciplines.

Andrew Ko

Author of the book Leveraging LinkedIn for Job Search Success, Andrew is a skilled human resources coach and executive trainer. He has worked in the industry for over 20 years and specializes in building a persons brand through resources like LinkedIn, where he is within the top 1% of all recruiters on the platform. Specialized in networking, he focuses most of his time now on senior-level searches for Human Resources at Locus Group.

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