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Question: Why should we hire you?


a. Match up your strengths with the posted job requirements.

b. Keep your answers concise and focused.

c. Tell a story that best describes your character and your fit.

Example: My experience with technology, specifically my ability to build and maintain web applications, makes me a good match for this position. In college I was part of a coding club where we created mobile applications for interfaculty communication. In my free time I learned to program in Ionic and a small group of students and I built a mobile application that linked into the faculty’s current notification system allowing the professors to get alerts and updates on their phones. After launch we received praise from the dean of students for the work our 3 person group completed. In your job listing it states your company is looking for a full stack developer who is passionate about learning new technologies. I would love to bring my coding skills and my general passion for learning new technologies to this position.