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Childcare workers require practical skills, such as cooking, cleaning, and knowing the importance of sanitation. This is especially true for those who run their own centers, or for those who work as nannies. Soft skills are also important, such as leadership, empathy, and management. Leadership is required to run a team but also to lead a room full of children. Confidence and decisiveness play a strong part in that. 

Empathy is required with children, as is temperament control. Kids don’t have control of their emotions but you should. It not only looks good to remain cool in these circumstances, it benefits the kids long-term and is a must in this industry. Attention to detail, management, creativity, etc, can also help a lot in making a program successful, as parents can tell when a program is insightful and well maintained. Missing in these skills can make or break an establishment.


  1. Childcare workers require practical skills such as cooking and cleaning

  2. Empathy is very important to help deal with children

  3. Creativity & management skills help keep a program successfull