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Pursuasive speaking is another form of public speaking where you try to get people to think or do something as a result of what you have had to say. Being persuasive takes a certain amount of finesse. There are different types of persuasive speaking such as a sales pitch or when trying to shift people’s mindset. We see persuasive speaking a lot in politics. 

What we want with persuasive speaking is a call to action. We want people to do something in response to hearing us speak. You always have to tailor your message to the audience. All public speaking requires you to know your audience and also what you are going to talk about. 

Make sure to edit yourself to fit the environment or event. Throughout your life you will find yourself in a number of these scenarios. It is valuable to think ahead and ask yourself what you would do if you were asked to speak in public. 


  1. Persuasive speaking is when the speaker tries to get the audience to act in response to the speech

  2. A sales pitch is a common form of persuasive speaking

  3. A call to action attempts to get the audience to act in response to some particular part of the speech