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Question: What are some challenges of community caregiving?


Judith: What would the training look like? I’m hearing that it would be different for someone that was doing one on one care versus someone that was in a community. What type of training do you think would be involved?

Tierra: Absolutely. Any organization being in a private home setting or community would want to focus on dementia training. Knowing how to deal with these difficult situations is important. Even daily functions, such as brushing their teeth, introducing them to the shower become complicated. Let us say your loved one has difficulty walking. If they fall you must know proper lifting and transferring techniques. How do you encourage them to eat when they’re unwilling to eat? We want to make sure that they’re staying hydrated. We want to make sure they’re eating a well balanced meal. We want to make sure they’re clean and enjoying activities.


  1. Caregivers must learn to take care of dementia and similar conditions

  2. Brushing teeth and showering are important daily functions that can be tricky to manage

  3. Caregivers must respond to emergencies with proper protocol