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Question: How do you support the residents?


“Let’s say your loved one is resting, let them rest. Do not wake them up simply because you are awake. Let them sleep in and let them naturally wake up. For example, you might say it’s sunny outside and your family members say, “Nope, it’s raining! It’s really, really raining!” What is the harm and just saying “You’re right, it is raining! What do you think about those clouds coming over over yonder?” Avoid aggravating the resident.  

That’s why I say join their journey. Because if you don’t join their journey, I can definitely tell you, you’re gonna have a lot of sleepless nights. And that would not be okay. How about that? So, bottom line, Join the journey.” 


  1.  If your loved one is resting let them rest

  2. Go along with their stories instead of telling them they are wrong

  3. Join them on their journey