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Question: How can you become a paid family caregiver?


Judith: I would like to commit to being a family caregiver. That would include leaving my current job. Are there any options for people that want to be that full time caregiver as a paid caregiver for a family member? 

Tierre: Do your research. There are resources out there to help you bridge the gap, while you are the primary caregiver taking care of your loved one. As you start to think about what your tomorrows look like when you want to leave your job and really care for your loved one, you will figure it out. There is always a way without, you know, having someone come into the home that you don’t know. I believe that if you think that you’re the person for the job, you should do it.


  1.  A paid family caregiver is a relative who is compensated for caregiving

  2. Do your research

  3. Sometimes you must leave your current job to care for a loved one