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Question: What skills do caregivers need?


“You need to have a big heart. That’s first and foremost. I typically don’t hire based on experience. And the reason why is because you really can’t teach someone who already thinks they know. I’d rather take a lay person that is built like a sponge and willing to soak up every little bit of information versus someone who supposedly knows it all. 

I always tell them, you don’t work for me, you work with me. They have to have a sense of inclusion. You can be the smartest person on the team. But if you’re unwilling, it won’t work. So you can be a caregiver, but I’d like to make sure you have the heart to serve first and allow us to teach you in order to move forward.”


  1. Caregivers need to be kind and giving

  2. Caregivers must have a big heart

  3. Working together is critical in caregiving