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Public speaking is a universal fear. People fear public speaking because it is a situation where all eyes are on you. Having a lot of people looking at us and listening to us makes us feel like we will be judged. There are certain things that you can do to help with these emotions. Consider what you feel about yourself. Do you feel confident while speaking? What are the differences between talking to your best friend and speaking to an entire audience? One strategy you can use while public speaking is to pretend that you are speaking with your best friend. Imagine how easy it is to navigate conversation and share how you feel. 

You also want to feel the passion for the subject of your speech. By tapping into that passion and connection you have it becomes easy to abandon fear. Once you overcome this fear you may even find the situation to be blissful and enjoyable. One of the ways you can feel confident while speaking is to focus on your self presentation. Dress nicely and look in the mirror and feel your presence. Remember that most people feel anxiety when they need to speak publically. Use that anxiety and convert it into passion for your speech so that you can speak from your heart and soul. 


  1.  Remember that almost everybody is scared of speaking in public

  2. If you sound confident while speaking the audience will absorb more of your speech

  3. The audience should be able to feel the passion in your speech