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This segment teaches you how to schedule a virtual meeting in advance using Google Meet, allowing you to organize and share the meeting details with attendees before the actual date and time of the meeting. To begin, ensure that you have Google Meet open on your computer, which can be accessed by opening the Google apps menu and selecting the Meet icon. Once in Meet, click the “New Meeting” button located on the left side of your screen, and then choose “Create a meeting for later.” This action will display the meeting’s “joining info” in a white window on your screen. This information includes all the necessary details for people to join your meeting. Your next step is to distribute this information to your intended participants.

To efficiently share the meeting details, you can quickly copy the joining info by clicking on the copy icon situated on the right side of the joining info window, which is symbolized by two pages stacked on top of each other. After copying the meeting details, you have the flexibility to share them through various methods, such as pasting them into an email or sending them via chat. For further instructions on how to paste information, you can refer to the lesson guide. Now it’s your turn to put this into practice: Click “New Meeting,” select “Create a meeting for later,” copy the joining information, and then send it to your invitees using any method you prefer. Once you have completed these steps, you can proceed to the next video by clicking “Next.” This process ensures you are well-prepared and capable of setting up future virtual meetings with ease, providing a streamlined way to communicate and collaborate remotely.