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In this lesson, you have successfully launched an Ad Grants campaign, marking a significant step in raising awareness and support for your organization. Google Ad Grants is a powerful tool that allows your ads to be displayed on Google Search results pages, effectively informing people about your cause and encouraging them to support the crucial work you do. The process of launching your first campaign involved several key steps: activating your accounts with Google for Nonprofits and Ad Grants, crafting a digital marketing strategy, setting up your initial ad campaign, writing compelling ads, tracking conversions on your website, and consistently reviewing your account to maintain and improve your campaign. These essential skills are instrumental in helping you meet your digital marketing objectives.

Throughout this lesson, you have also learned to navigate and utilize the Ad Grants budget, which provides a monthly allocation of in-kind advertising. Once you have established a foundation with several Ad Grants campaigns, it may be beneficial to consider investing in paid ads to further amplify your organization’s reach and impact. Paid ads can be used to create a variety of marketing materials, offering a broader scope in your advertising efforts. An active and evolving digital marketing strategy is crucial for recruiting volunteers, attracting donations, and sharing your mission globally. Continue to develop and launch new campaigns using Ad Grants, focusing on reaching and engaging the people who are most crucial to your cause. This ongoing effort will help propel your organization towards achieving its goals and making a more significant impact.