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In this session, you will take a significant step in your Google Ad Grants journey by crafting ads to initiate a successful campaign. An ad acts as a concise and compelling pitch for your organization, playing a vital role in garnering more support and raising awareness about your cause. An effective ad comprises a headline, a website link, and detailed descriptions. Start by developing ads that direct people to your website, using a headline to attract traffic. This headline is your opportunity to communicate with potential donors, volunteers, and the people you aim to serve. Incorporate the headlines you previously brainstormed during your marketing strategy development, and consider adding new ones to provide users with more insights into your organization’s activities. It’s important to clearly state the action you want the user to take and include relevant keywords that align with the ad and your webpage, as this fosters user engagement with your organization. Following the headline, craft descriptions that give a deeper understanding of your work, drawing inspiration from your digital marketing strategy to ensure that these descriptions are effective. Once you’ve completed your first ad, create three to five additional ads to extend your reach to a broader audience.

After preparing your ads, the next step is to set a budget for your first campaign. This budget reflects the average amount you wish to spend on the campaign each day. Since you have already activated your Ad Grants account, the budget will be pre-loaded, eliminating the need to request it from Google and ensuring that you won’t incur any out-of-pocket expenses for these campaigns. You have the discretion to allocate the total budget granted by Google across your various campaigns. If you’re running multiple campaigns simultaneously, you can choose to divide the budget either equally or allocate a larger portion to campaigns that are more critical to achieving your goals. For ease, you might opt for the recommended budget amount for this specific campaign. After finalizing your budget, review the campaign settings and then publish it. Now it’s your turn to take action: Write compelling headlines, create informative descriptions, and prepare three to five ads for your campaign. Remember to include your organization’s phone number, set a thoughtful budget, and then confidently publish your first campaign.