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In this extension, you will elevate your schedule’s functionality by using conditional formatting to color-code your progress. Conditional formatting in spreadsheets is a powerful tool that automatically changes the text style or background color of cells, rows, or columns based on specified conditions, such as containing a certain word or number. For example, you can set the background color of a cell to turn green when a task is marked as complete, or red when it hasn’t been started yet. This visual aid not only makes it easier to track the status of each task at a glance but also helps in monitoring upcoming deadlines. To implement this feature, start by opening the spreadsheet you created earlier. Select the “Status” column, where you will apply the conditional formatting. Then, set up your formatting criteria, which are the rules that determine how the cell, row, or column will change based on the specific text or data it contains. Create rules corresponding to different task statuses, such as “Complete,” “In Progress,” and “Not Started.” Each status should have its own fill color to indicate its particular condition.

Once you’ve defined the criteria, apply the rules to the cells. For instance, when you label a task as “Complete,” the cell will automatically be highlighted in green. Next, add another rule for tasks labeled “In Progress” and choose an appropriate fill color for this status. Repeat the process for the “Not Started” status. With these conditional formatting rules in place, the status of each task will be clearly indicated through color, making it much simpler to track your progress and stay organized. This visual representation is immensely helpful in managing your tasks and ensuring steady progress towards your goals. Now it’s your turn to put this into practice: Open your spreadsheet, select the range of cells you wish to format, customize and apply conditional formatting rules to visualize your data effectively, and continue to add conditional formatting for all your task statuses. This step will enhance your ability to quickly assess your progress at a glance.