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Congratulations on completing this lesson! Throughout this tutorial, you have acquired a range of skills related to Google Meet. Initially, you learned how to initiate an instant video meeting and extend invitations to others to join. You didn’t just stop there; you also dived into experimenting with various settings. This included learning how to turn your camera and microphone on and off, a crucial skill for managing your presence in a virtual meeting. Additionally, you explored the functionality of closed captions, an important feature for enhancing accessibility and understanding in meetings.

Building on these fundamental skills, you progressed to learn two effective methods for scheduling a video meeting in advance. One approach involved sending invitation details directly to participants, while the other leveraged the organizational power of creating a Google Calendar invite. Equipped with this comprehensive knowledge of Google Meet, you are now well-prepared to use this tool in various contexts. Whether it’s for professional purposes, staying connected with loved ones, or seizing career and educational opportunities, Google Meet can be an invaluable asset in your digital communication toolkit.