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$12.27 is the average hourly wage, or $25,510 yearly. This is much higher in places like California or New York, where the wage is closer to $15 an hour.  Earn more if it’s in-school, religious, or residential care. Higher paying jobs require more education, or more stressful scenarios like handling abuse victims, learning disabled children, and so-on. We suggest being your own boss and opening your own care facility, as this will provide much more freedom and income than working under someone.

Wages may go up if the government finally enacts pre-K subsidies, as current daycare wages are limited by how much families are able to pay for childcare. It’s predicted to grow exponentially once laws are enacted to enable more families to enter the workforce and transfer free parent-based childcare to the industry.


  1. Entry level childcare starts around $25,000 per year as of 2021
  2. Positions in schools, churches, or care centers usually receive higher pay
  3. Being your own boss gives you more income and freedom in childcare