AllSumJobs Standard Subscription (Monthly)

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Welcome to AllSumJobs!  We offer a multitude of services, but at our core is our course library. AllSumJobs started as a production company to produce training videos for those new to their industry, and we’ve put many of our videos right here on our site. Our standard subscription provides users to a growing library of video-based courses, including categories the Interview Q&A, Career Exploration, Career Advice, Professional Tips, and On-boarding courses.

Our goal is to provide short, on-demand and easy to process content. Most of our content is capped at 3 minute segments, because we know our users are busy and sometimes you can only learn in short bursts at a time. That’s no problem! Research shows that users often lose focus after 3 minutes, and we want you to make the most of your training.

Subscriptions renew monthly and the first 7 days are free! Unsubscribe anytime.

Interested in more? Be sure to check out our academies, a sequential approach to structured learning.