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Winning Over Your Coworkers

Are you in sales and want to earn more commission, or even get promoted?  AllSumJobs has you covered. 

Sales and customer service do more than just persuade customers to buy product or handle returns, they also need to navigate an office that is ripe with competitive culture and so-called “alphas.”  You need to persuade your management and show off your professionalism with your coworkers. Plus, earning Employee of the Month can go a long way to securing that promotion! This video gives viewers advice and examples on how to talk with coworkers, impress their bosses, and more.

“How do I get employee of the month?” 

Regardless of whether or not your company offers bonuses or titles to high-sales reps, the best way to earn recognition isn’t just getting high sales. It involves retaining customers, dealing with difficult clients, and of course– broadcasting these achievements! You can do everything right and still fail if no one actually acknowledges the hard work and charisma you bring to the company. 

Employee of the month can also come about through voting. If you are kind and listen to your coworkers, you can build team spirit and receive their recognition. That might mean networking through after work office parties or dinners, and while not taking it too far, share in their complaints about customers and management. At the end of the day, you can impress both coworkers and management if you’re careful about office politics.

This video covers three example conversations:

  • Receiving a Bonus – When you succeed, how to share in that success with coworkers in a positive and supportive way.
  • Coworker Complaints – When a coworker complains, how to bond over difficult customers without going too far.
  • Employee of the Month – How to handle being nominated for EotM, including thanking your coworkers and expressing gratitude for the bonus. .

Follow our examples the next time you’re faced with these scenarios, especially if you’re new to this position!