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Troublesome Students

New to teaching and need some advice?  AllSumJobs has you covered. 

Plagiarism is a real problem, and new teachers can find students can be difficult to deal with. We give general examples to help new teachers learn how to deal with students having academic difficulties or plagiarising assignments. Teachers in high school, college, and technical schools can all benefit from these examples, especially teachers without native English abilities.

“Why do students plagiarize?” 

American students are often unaware that copying is not permitted. Students grow up in an online “copy culture” in which social media posts often repost others without giving credit. This trend results in students copying online posts as their own when doing homework assignments.

Teaching students about plagiarism requires a soft touch when students don’t know better. Assigning students to re-do assignments works, but you also need to talk to your students about these problems. More importantly, when students are struggling, it is up to teachers to support them. This video is made to provide examples of these conversations.

We cover two examples:

  • Academic Difficulties – An example of talking to students about academic difficulties, such as missing homework assignments, family troubles, and so forth. 
  • Plagiarism – An example of talking to a student about copied assignments. 

Follow these examples the next time you’re faced with these scenarios, especially if you’re new to American culture!