Parents Can Be The Worst

There are certainly not enough childcare training programs that address one of the biggest troublemakers of all – bad parents!  While it is not your role to correct bad parenting habits in the home, there is certainly reason to keep your organization running smoothly by addressing bad adult behavior that happens around your childcare center or after school program. 

In this bonus lesson, we cover some of the best practices in handling parents. Parents are ultimately a childcare worker’s clients, and as with any industry, how you handle your clients is ultimately up to you. Communicating your concerns and even denying service, this lesson covers what you can do when parents are simply the worst.

These rules are universal, yet somehow childcare neglects the client-worker relationship more than most other institutions. We hope this lesson will help guide you when dealing with troublesome parents, whether it’s a disrespectful parent, a neglectful parent, or even a downright abusive parent.

Why a troublemaking parent can really be the worst, both for you, your organization, and sometimes their own kid.

Your rights as a worker, just as in retail or customer service, you can always deny service to anyone you deem fit.

Sometimes there are differences of opinion that you do have to respect, we’ll address this first so as to not get anyone in trouble!

Also known as helicopter parents, those who micromanage every aspect of their child’s life can impede on your ability to lead a childcare organization.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, some parents are almost never there. Expect late pick-ups, lack of communication, and more from these types.

Sometimes there are cultural differences that should be respectful. There are also sometimes cultural differences you can address. While it’s a tricky situation to deny services to someone over cultural differences, sometimes you need to be clear what you can and can’t do with children under your care.

Coming from outside of the childcare world, we get advice on how to handle clients to come out ahead.

As with children misbehavior, sometimes adult misbehavior also needs to be addressed by a higher-up, be it management, legal specialists, or even the police.