The Caregiving Team

Greg Becker is the Executive Director for Northstar senior living. He is here to teach us what to expect while taking care of seniors. With his tips you’ll feel confident managing many of the problems which might arise!

  • Senior caregiving has multiple departments
  • Teamwork is important
  • Communication skills benefit residents and their families
  • Staff must communicate with doctors, nurses, and medication techs
  • Information about patients must be carefully documented
  • Keep patient medical charts up to date
  • Staff must be professional
  • Staff should treat residents with respect and dignity
  • Proper training helps rude coworkers behave
  • Covid-19 rocked the industry
  • There is a hiring crisis in senior caregiving
  • Covid is making people reevaluate their lives
  • Senior caregivers must work together
  • Avoid caregiver burnout
  • Understand your team’s challenges
  • Staff need outlets outside of work
  • Staff need time to vent
  • Staff will be more energized with these things
  1. Stress is the cause of caregiver burnout
  2. Staff must balance work and play
  3. Seniors like to ask staff about their lives and share stories