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Know Thy Self

You Must Know About Yourself Before Choosing A Major

  • Experience new situations and reflect upon them
  • Take self assessment tests such as Myers Briggs
  • Consider your preferences working with people
  • Take your time to decide
  • Consider the nature of work in each major
  • Take a class before you decide
  • Think about the future of each career
  • Most people prefer high demand careers
  • Consider the locations of each career
  • Expectations often differ from reality
  • Ask yourself if you prefer working alone or with others
  • Some people want to become managers
  • Exploration is necessary to figure out your major
  • Notice what attracts you and what repulses you
  • Learning what you do not like is often a good place to start
  • Maintain a growth mindset
  • Remain open to expanding your skills
  • Learn your strengths and your weaknesses
  • Confidence is built and practiced
  • Focus on having an open mind
  • Visualize yourself in different roles
  • Networking is the act of meeting new people
  • All careers benefits from networking
  • Sometimes random encounters become careers
  • The course catalog contains all classes available to enroll in
  • Consider the requirements of each major
  • General education classes give you time to decide your specialty
  1. You must be the one to decide what is best for you
  2. It is normal to feel overwhelmed by pressure
  3. Remember that discovering your major is a process